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China Black Teas

China is home to the most diverse and storied selection of teas on earth. From one end of the country to the other there are literally thousands of growers and manufacturers producing notable teas from the raw smoky depths of Lapsang to the jammy sweetness of Golden Heaven Yunnan - expand your world and taste buds by exploring the best of Chinese teas.

Keemum Mao Feng Sacred Garden China Black Tea Mao Feng- Sacred Garden
Sacred Garden a high quality Keemun with a bouquet evoking an orchid character.
Ying Ming Yunnan China Black Teaying ming yunnan
This tea is produced only during March and April when the mountain air is moist and cool.
Rose Congou China Black Tearose congou
Layered 5 times with rose petals, which give the tea a delicate, and ethereal rose character.
Keemum Three Monkey China Black Teakeemun three monkey
The liquor from the fine, tightly rolled leaves of this tea has a deep, rich concentrated flavor.
Lapsang Zhivago China Black TeaLapsang Souchong Zhivago
A premium Lapsang Souchong with an aroma of pine and oak wood fire.
Peregrine Mountain China Black TeaPeregrine Mountain
Considered one of the best teas to come from Yunnan Province- full body a slight sweetness.
Nine Bend Black Dragon China Black Teanine bend black dragon
A full bodied tea with deep burgundy depth and delightful oaky notes. Excellent after dinner.
Lapsang Souchong China Black Tealapsang souchong
Lapsang Souchong has an aroma of pine and cypress wood fire.