Decaf Teas

Who says decaf lovers have to sacrifice great taste? Processed without chemicals, these teas retain all the depth and flavor of their caffeinated counterparts. The two methods used in these decaf teas are: 1. "Canadian Chemical Free CO2 process" - the tea is flushed with CO2 to gently remove caffeine. 2. "Natural green leaf process" - the tea is decaffeinated immediately after plucking. (Used for decaf Irish Breakfast). Great decaf to feel good about!

English Breakfast Decaf Black TeaEnglish Breakfast
A traditional full bodied tea that is perfect for all occasions.
Black Currant Decafblack currant
This is a decaffeinated Flowery Pekoe black tea with a deep black currant aroma and flavor.
Earl Grey Decaf Black Teaearl grey
A full flavor cup with excellent Earl Grey notes form natural oil of bergamot.
Assam DecafAssam
Excellent full bodied tea with classic Assam maltiness.
Sencha Decaf China Green Teasencha
The liquor from the fine, tightly rolled leaves of this tea has a deep, rich concentrated flavor.
Darjeeling Decaf Black Teadarjeeling
Harvested in June for a full flavor taste that makes a superb afternoon tea.
Irish Breakfast Decaf Black Teairish breakfast
Decaffeinated in the green leaf to give a strong, malty tea taste.
Monk's Blend Decaf Black Teamonk's blend
All the decadent pleasure of a delicious vanilla and grenadine tea without the caffeine.
Peach Apricot Decaf Black Teapeach apricot
A full bodied black tea with an intense sweet peach apricot taste.
Chai Decaf Black TeaChai
Assam decaf tea blended with spices to produce a delicious aromatic spiced tea.