Flavored Black Teas

High grown teas from the top 3 tea growing regions of Sri Lanka are used in flavored teas. These three high-grown districts produce flavorful teas that have classic Ceylon tea character which is noted by floral bouquet and flavor notes, touches of mild astringency, bright coppery color and, most importantly - perfect for use as the base tea of most flavored teas.

Our flavored black teas use natural flavoring oils instead of crystals to give the tea a true taste without any of the bitterness that can come from crystals. Many of these flavored loose teas makes a great iced tea.

blueberry Teablueberry
Perfect tea for blueberry lovers. Taste like blueberries in a cup that is great hot or iced.
Monk's Blend Black Teamonk's blend
Ceylon tea blended with vanilla and grenadine for a sweet heavenly cup of tea.
Ginger Peach Teaginger peach
Spicy pieces of ginger are mellowed by sweet peach bits for a delcious cup of tea.
Cranberry Orange Black Teacranberry orange
Fresh oranges blend deliciously with the natural sweetness of fall cranberries. Try it iced!
Vanilla Flavored Teavanilla
The natural sweetness of rich vanilla makes this blend if tea an irresistible delight.
Blackberry Teablackberry
A classic fruit whose aroma and taste is captured perfectly in this tea. Great iced!
Licorice flavored teaLicorice
A high grown Ceylon black tea accentuates the delicate flavor nuances of licorice.
Black CurrantBlack Currant
This blend has deep black currant aroma and flavor that is delicious iced.
Black Currant Decafdecaf black currant
This is a decaf Ceylon black tea with a deep black currant aroma and flavor.
Mango Flavored TeaMango
Dried mangos added to this blend enhances both the taste and aroma. Try it iced!
Real raspberries are added to this blend for a true authentic taste. Try this tea iced!
Chocolate Mintchocolate mint
Fresh mint combined with full flavored chocolate tea makes a deliciouly decadent cup of tea.
Ginger TeaGinger
Fresh dried ginger gives a pleasantly pungent taste for a refreshing cup of tea.
Lemon Ginger<lemon ginger
Spicy ginger with cool refreshing lemon makes a refreshing cup of tea.
Blackberryhoney apple
A blend of sweet apples and honey makes for a treat in a cup that needs no sugar.
Apple Spiceapple spice
Real apple and cinnamon pieces give this blend the flavor of a delicious apple pie.
Birthday Blend Teacitrus melange
Passion fruit, grapefruit, orange, and grenadine tastes sweet and slightly tart that is great iced.
Decaf Monk's Blenddecaf monk's blend
All the pleasure of rich vanilla and grenadine without the caffeine.
Mulled Spice Teamulled spice
Cinnamon and spices makes this the perfect tea for those cold winter nights.
Cinnamon Teacinnamon
Cinnamon is blended with Nilgiri tea from South India for a spicy, robust cup of tea.
Rose Tearose tea
This tea has an aroma of a bouquet of fresh cut roses. Taste fabulous over ice.
Autumn NightsPumpkin Spice
Pumpkin and spices makes this a perfect blend for those chilly fall nights.
Peach Apricot Teapeach apricot
Dried peaches and apricots gives this blend a fruity sweetness that is perfect iced.
Lemon Flavored Tealemon
Tart flavor of lemon compliments this Ceylon tea nicely. Perfect iced with a sprinkle of sugar.
Birthday Blendbirthday blend
Tastes just like a black forest cake made of chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream.
Decaf Peach ApricotDecaf Peach Apricot
Ceylon black tea blended with honey for a sweet traditional tea.