Genmaicha teaGenmaicha-Popcorn Tea
Japanese Sencha tea blended with fire toasted rice for a sweet, nutty tasting tea.
Sencha Cherry RoseSencha Cherry Rose
Sweet cherry flavor and rose petals blend for an exotic taste that is also delicious iced.
Japanese HoujichaHoujicha-Bancha
Roasted Japanese green tea with a rich nutty flavor and lower caffeine than other green teas.
Lung ChingLung Ching Dragonwell
A wonderful China Dragonwell tea that is full bodied with a sweet flavor.
Earl Grey Greenearl grey green
A wonderful blend of top quality young hyson grade green tea blended with fragrant bergamot.
White Monkey Pawwhite monkey paw
Hand formed premium green tea that has the appearance and taste of delicate white tea.
Strawberry FieldsKukicha-Twig Tea
Made from the twigs of the tea plant for a sweet creamy infusion with nutty undertones.
Sencha Fugi OrganicSencha Fuji-Organic
Japanese green tea with a slightly vegetive, but fruity taste.
Lung Ching Superiorlung ching 1st Grade
A superior grade of China green tea with a wonderful sweet, mellow taste.
Pan Fired Darjeelingpan fired darjeeling
Pan firing right after plucking the leaves seals in the flavor of this 2nd flush tea.
Lemon GreenLemon Green
A pleasant blend of tart lemon with the sweetness of green tea. Try it iced!
Lucky Dragon Green Tealucky dragon
A pleasant Spring Young Hyson grade tea with a lightly sweet taste.
Japanese Gyokurogyokuro
A very fragrant and sweet premium tea from Japan that brews up without any bitterness.
Pinhead Gunpowder Greenpinhead gunpowder
A steamed green tea from China with strong body and a nutty taste.
Monkey Eye Greenmonkey eye jade buds
Early spring tea with a great depth of flavor. The leaves are hand formed from jade colored buds.
Dragon Sundragon sun
An early spring tea blended with chamomile and lemon grass for just a hint of lemon.
Pearl River Organicpearl river-organic
Hand sorted organic green tea with a bright green infusion and an intense green tea taste.
Decaffeinated Green TeaSencha Decaf
Traditional long leaf style tea that has been decaffeintated with CO2 process from China.
Kokeicha - Japanesekokeicha
A Japanese green tea made from Matcha the fine green tea powder used in tea cermonies.
Steamed Darjeeling Steamed Darjeeling
A second flush tea that is steamed to bring out its light, delicate flavor.
Mint Green Teamint green
Refreshing cool mint makes a very refreshing tea that is also great iced.
Jasmine Green Teajasmine with flowers
The addition of jasmine petals gives this tea a lovely appearance and floral taste.
Peach Green Teapeach green
A Chinese style sencha tea blended with sunflower petals and dried peaches. Great iced!
Jasmine tearsjasmine dragon tears
Hand rolled tea with a smooth and delicate flavor and a heavenly jasmine scent.
Japanese Senchajapanese sencha
A popular steamed green tea that has a sweet, light taste.
Strawberry Fieldsstrawberry fields
Green tea blended with strawberries and jasmine that makes an excellent iced tea.
Japanese Gold Dragon OrganicJasmine Gold Dragon
Steamed organic tea infused with the scent of midnight picked jasmine.
Bamboo Tipsbamboo tips
Each leaf is a very neat single bud and its shape resembles a bamboo leaf.
Blueberry Greenblueberry green
An aromatic green tea with an aroma that fills the cup and has a fresh blueberry taste.
Chai Green TeaChai Green
Green tea blended with fresh spices that is delicious, especially with milk and sugar.