Green Yerba MateYerba Mate
South American herb containing many health benefits that can be enjoyed hot or iced.
Strawberry Cream Matestrawberry cream mate
Green Yerba Mate blended with real strawberry pieces and vanilla. Delicious hot or iced.
Chai MateChai mate
Chai spices like cardamom, cinnamon and ginger blended into mate from Brazil.
Mate Lift mate lift
A house blend of mate, peppermint, and hibiscus pefect iced or hot for a pick-me-up.
Lemon Lime Matelemon lime mate
Real lemon and orange chips give this mate blend a delicious citrus taste. Great iced!
Mate Morning BlendMate Morning Blend
House blend that is a perfect wake me up with mate, Hunwal Assam and refreshing spearmint.
Roasted Yerba Materoasted yerba mate
The roasted character imparts a coffee-like flavor rich in mateine.