Rooibos Red Tearooibos
Unblended rooibos is enriched with nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium, and fluoride.
Sunshine Lemon Rooiboslemon rooibos
The lemongrass gives this blend a light, refreshing citrus taste. Excellent over ice.
Hawaiian Colada Rooiboshawaiian colada
Rooibos combined with pineapple and coconuts to make a delectable drink hot or cold.
Rooibos Red Teagrapefruit
Tart grapefruit adds depth of flavor to sweet rooibos for a perfect blend of flavor.
Provence Rooibosprovence
Floral and berries makes this blend smooth relaxing blend perfect for unwinding.
Rainbow Rooibosrainbow
This rooibos tastes as good as it looks with a sweet amaretto flavor.
Chocolate Cream Truffle Rooiboschocolate cream truffle
Rich chocolate and cream blends with rooibos to make a decadent drink that is caffeine free.
Rooibos Red Teachai rooibos
Spices combine with sweet rooibos to create an herbal treat. Add milk for a little creaminess.
Bourbon Street Rooibosbourbon street
A deliciously sweet blend of rooibos, almonds and vanilla.
Ginger RooibosGinger
Spicy ginger blends very well the the sweet and fruit taste of the rooibos.
Rooibos Red TeaCherry Rose
The blend is created using the all-natural flavors of rose and fresh cherries.